Types of Sending

With WeHelp's NPS® software you can choose the most suitable sending channel for your company and your customers. This way you can get the best response rates.

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The channel with the best cost x benefit

No additional cost, good conversion rates, and personalization! One of the most used communication channels in the market. With the WeHelp software you will have total customization freedom to leave it exactly with the face of your company, guaranteeing a conversion rate that will surprise you.

Besides that, the tool has an integrated bounce system, helping you to treat your e-mails with problems to increase their delivery in your next survey.

The channel with the best cost x benefit

The highest conversion rate

Usually used by technology companies, SAAS, e-commerce, or that have logged area for customers.

This method allows you to have high conversion rates and with the WeHelp tool you only need to install a simple script. All the logic of when to appear, to whom to appear is done in the WeHelp software.

The fastest way to impact your customer

Common for companies that want to impact their clients soon after the sale or service, or when the company doesn't have the clients' e-mails. With the WeHelp tool it is possible to automate sending and integrate with your platform to make this agility possible.

Research shows that about 98% of SMS searches are read within 6 minutes.

The fastest way to impact your customer

Increase the reach of your survey

Normally used by companies that do not have any contact data from their clients. It can be inserted in a QR Code, in fiscal coupons, social networks, e-mails that are already sent to clients or any other place that you can impact your client.

With the WeHelp tool you can customize it so that your client registers before or after the answer, or if you prefer, allow them to be anonymous.

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