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Because we believe that changing the world starts with people, afterall is through them that the business formed.

Then, we propose the companies that they develop their management pattern, humanizing relations, valuing the well beeing of their employees and, their costumers full satisfaction, reaching susteinable and long lasting results.


We are specialists in improving the performance of other companies through consulting and using softwares adapted to their needs and business particularities. We use modern methods and tools validated in the market, and we act in a systemic way, collaborative, ethical and specially human.

Methodologies: NPS® / The Five dysfunctios of team
Tools: Leadership and CX, panel discussion and webinars workshop

Our Core Values

Transparency in our actions and relations

Godness that generates godness

Gratitude for what we have

Faith in God

Resilience Flexible and optimistic mind to learn from our mistakes

Integrity lining up thought, words, feelings and attitudes

We always offer the best we have

Honesty with others and with us

What our clients say

Companies using NPS

About 2/3 of "Fortune 500" uses NPS method to mesure client satisfaction