Fequently Asked Questions

WeHelp is an online system marketed in the SASS licensing model (software as a service), where the customer will create an account and have access to the software features in which we own WeHelp. All data pertaining to the customer in case of termination of the service may be requested.

Yes. All plans include initial training, immediately after registering, a WeHelp representative will contact you to help you with your first steps.

The WeHelp software is suitable for the most varied types of business, if you would like to measure, understand and monitor your customers, our platform is for you.

No, our system has automations, but so that it is possible to integrate or carry out loads of data via excel regarding frequencies and people. If your internal system is not yet integrated with WeHelp, our IT team will be available to assist you free of charge.

Yes. Our team will be on hand to assist you in integrating with any system, but it is important to check if there is a possibility in your internal system.

WeHelp currently works only with payments via recurring credit card, if you want another form of payment, contact our financial officer for analysis.

For accounts activated on the website or cancellation can be done at any time, but the same must be aware that after canceled all data contained on the platform will be deleted, if you wish to receive a report with the information, you must contact our IT team.

NPS® is the abbreviation for Net Promoter Score, a research methodology created by Fred Reichheld in 2003, where through the answer of a single question (The Definitive Question - How likely is it to recommend OUR COMPANY to a friend or relative?) whether a certain audience's loyalty to a company, product, service or brand.

Customers respond on a simple scale from zero to ten. This scale is familiar and easy for customers to understand. And the responses tend to be grouped into three groups, each characterized by different attitudes and, most importantly, different behaviors linked to economic value.

Promoters - Score 9 or 10

Promoters are loyal and enthusiastic fans. They spread the company's praise to friends and colleagues. They are much more likely than others to remain customers and increase their purchases over time. In addition, they are responsible for more than 80% of referrals in most companies. They are, in general, kind and polite to employees.

Passives - Score 7 or 8

We call this group "passively satisfied" because this group is satisfied - for now. Their repurchase and recommendation rates are up to 50% lower than those of promoters. Your nominations are likely to be qualified and less enthusiastic. Very revealing: If a competitor's ad catches your eye, they can exchange you.

Detractors - Score 0 to 6

Watch out for detractors. Not only are they unlikely to recommend your company to others, they’ll probably leave and even worse, actively discourage potential good employees from your business.

Your NPS® is simply the percentage of customers who are promoters (those who scored 9 or 10) minus the percentage who are detractors (those who scored 0 to 6).

Calculating NPS®:


The NPS® results vary (-100 +100)

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