Closing the Loop

Some studies show that companies that send surveys but do not treat, or close the feedback loop with customers, worsen their annual retention rate by 0.8% (source Customer Gauge Benchmark Report 2018).

No credit card needed

Contact your customer

The software from WeHelp, has a simple interface for you to communicate by e-mail or put important comments captured from a call, whatsapp and etc.. In addition, it helps you organize the stages (answered, not answered and finished) and also communicates new interactions coming from the client.

It will probably be from the closing of the feedback loop that your team will bring the most relevant information to your company. Whenever your employee contacts the customer he needs to look for 3 things:

  • Solve the customer's problem (if he reports one);
  • Understand the root-cause of the problems in order to prevent them from becoming recurrent;
  • Understand the root cause of the compliments in order to reinforce what your company does with excellence;

Keep track of your team's work

Another factor that impacts customer perception is the time it takes for a company to give feedback, especially to detractors. Generally speaking, talking to detractors within 48 hours of their response has yielded good results in changing customer sentiment.

Our platform has the perfect report for you to track the performance of each employee responsible for this very important task.

The NPS® has become much more than a simple score, today it is considered a management system and one of the most important steps is customer contact.