Customer journey analysis

Identify which stages of your customer journey offer the best and worst experiences to your customers and understand which stage most affects your NPS®. NPS® is the basis for you to measure your customers' loyalty, but understanding how your customer felt at each touchpoint they had with your company can give you valuable information to increase your NPS® and make you better understand the reasons for a low or high score.

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Relationship surveys

Investigate a customer's loyalty to a company/brand. Customers consider their experience and their overall satisfaction. They are usually run at regular intervals (e.g. quarterly, semi-annually or annually) and consider the customer journey as a whole, from purchase to needing support or repurchasing.

Every company has a different journey and with WeHelp's software you can customize it to fit yours!

Transactional surveys

Investigate the experience in a specific transaction/interaction of the customer journey. This survey is designed to measure satisfaction with a specific segment of the company.

With our NPS tool you can customize the question to have the customer rate a specific touchpoint and draw the customer journey for that specific touchpoint, for example:

Based on the support service, how likely are you to recommend company X to a friend or relative?

Points of Contact: Speed of service, Attendance time, Attendant knowledge and Attendant Cordiality

Probability report

Our unique probability report will show you which touchpoints have a higher probability of creating promoter customers and also of creating detractor customers.

Points of Contact

Every company has a different journey and with WeHelp's software you can customize it to fit yours!

Speed of service

Attendance time

Attendant knowledge

Attendant Cordiality

How about finding out which stage of your company's journey is most likely to create a promoter or detractor customer? Focus on what will get you the most results!
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