Response Automation

Some studies show that companies that send surveys but don't treat, or close the feedback loop with customers, worsen annual retention rate by 0.8% (source Customer Gauge Benchmark Report 2018).

No credit card needed

Create ready-made answers

Our tool allows you to create as many ready-made answer templates as you want. So you can adjust each ready-made answer to each response profile of your customers.

For each response profile an automation

According to the NPS® methodology it is very important that we always understand our customers one by one, working to have more promoting customers in our business, but in some cases it is interesting to automate the collection of more information or finalize a service, let's see some of them:

Client 100% promoter without comment.

In this case we can send a thank you message on behalf of the company automatically.

Detractor customer with no comment.

We can send a message listing the negative points that he evaluated and requesting a detail of what we could do not to make a mistake next time.

Among others…