A tool that allows you not only to motivate your customer to give their opinion, but also to perform marketing strategies.

No credit card needed

Aumentar o nível de recompra

The NPS® tool from WeHelp, allows you to customize the entire delivery mechanism, from a limit of promotion codes, to delivery to a certain type of customer, and remember that you can create a printout, provide a link or send by email!

Lead Capture

You can ask your promoting customers to click on a link that will take them to a landing page (or form) to refer some friends to try some product/service.

Or you can create "free passes" / invitations for the friends of your customers to visit your establishment. The idea is to take advantage of the referrals of the Promoter customers.

Cross selling / up selling

With our Reward tool you can present your customers with discount coupons from partners or even stimulate repurchase or purchase of additional products/services from your company.