It is common to see many tools that create tags and classify the customer response as a whole, but we believe that the information generated based on the voice of the customer is always the most important for managing the company. For this reason, our software allows you to cut comments, create tags and evaluate negatively or positively each of these clippings, allowing as a final result an EXACT list about a given subject.

No credit card needed

Auto Tag

Our software has a tool that automates the creation of the tags. Our system already reads the text, defines the cuts, classifies it as positive or negative, and creates the corresponding tags.

Root cause report

It does no good for a company to know that it has 15% detracting customers. What will really help them improve the customer experience is to understand what really caused that problem and act based on this knowledge. This way you can prevent a one-time problem from becoming a recurring one. With this in mind, we created the Root Cause or the Customer Voice report. It is based on this information that you can create action plans to take your customer's experience to the next level!