Allow all your leads and customers to evaluate each stage of their relationship with your brand by connecting WeHelp's NPS® survey software with ActiveCampaign.

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NPS® system to increase customer retention and profitability.

Put the voice of the customer at the center of your decisions and increase your company's profitability.

With our NPS system, it is possible to create surveys and organize a database for strategic decisions. At WeHelp, you can evaluate each step of the customer journey, or every aspect of the business. Therefore, it becomes easier to make adjustments from the customer service team to the products or services offered to increase retention and profitability.

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NPS® system to increase customer retention and profitability.

NPS® Software: the solution to measure and improve customer experience!

With WeHelp, the best NPS software in the market, you will realize that working with concrete and shared data in an intuitive way with your team generates a significant upgrade to your business.

To prove this to you, we are offering the tool for free for 7 days so that you can gather real-time feedback from your customers with a complete NPS system to support customer experience management.

NPS® Software: the solution to measure and improve customer experience!

Reach your customers where they are

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With it you reach even more customers, as you can do your satisfaction surveys through print media and other offline contact points of your company.

Chat and instant messenger

Share your satisfaction survey links for customers to see right after they interact with you in chat, IM, and social media.


Send your surveys through integrations of our NPS software with automated WhatsApp messaging to obtain quicker responses.


Easily embed your survey links into any email and email marketing campaigns.

NPS® has become much more than just a score, today it is considered a powerful management tool!

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Learn more about NPS

Everything what you need to know about NPS® here!

What is NPS®?

NPS® is the abbreviation for Net Promoter Score. It evolved to Net Promoter System and is a survey methodology that measures the loyalty of a given audience to a company, product, brand, or service consumed.

Where did the NPS® come from?

Created by Fred Reichheld in mid-2003, NPS® was a methodology presented in detail in the book "The Ultimate Question2.0", which became a best-seller and is applied in several companies around the world.

What is the NPS® used for?

In a very simple and easy-to-interpret way, the Net Promoter System shows in numbers how satisfied your customer is and how loyal he is to your brand, which can bring a better understanding of what he wants and where you can improve.

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Customers in categories


These are customers who give scores between 0 and 6 to the question, "On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend company x to a relative or friend?" They are dissatisfied customers, criticize the company, and would not buy from them again. Learn how to convert detractors into promoters;


There are also passive or neutral customers who give scores of 7 and 8. These customers would easily switch to another brand because they are satisfied customers, but they are not loyal;


These are the ones who give a score of 9 or 10 and are considered brand promoters. These are people who, besides being loyal to the brand, also encourage their friends/family to do the same, refer new customers, and boost the company's growth and profits.

Customers in categories

How to calculate NPS®

The NPS® of a company is obtained from the % of Promoters - % of Detractors, let's do an example for you:
How to calculate NPS®

Don't worry about NPS® calculation. Let the WeHelp NPS® software work for you!

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4 NPS Zones

Crisis Zone - NPS between -100 and -0.1

When NPS is negative, it means that the company has more dissatisfied customers than satisfied ones, and quick action is needed to solve the problems.

Leaning Zone - NPS between 0 and +50

When the NPS is below 50, it means that there is a small difference between satisfied and dissatisfied customers, i.e. there is a lack of consistency in delivery. We call it learning because the most important thing (depending on the composition of the score) is to learn what customers value and don't value in the brand/product/service.

Improvement Zone - NPS between +50 and +74.9

In the improvement zone the company already has a more consistent delivery, since to be in this range, the company needs to have at least 50% of promoting customers and cannot have more than 25% of detracting customers. The focus is on perfecting the delivery.

Excellence Zone - NPS between +75 and +100

The company that is in this zone has extensive knowledge of the demands and desires of its customers, since at least 75% of its customers are delighted and loyal. To be in this range the company must also have no more than 12.5% detractors. The search is for the occasional detail of what to do to delight those few missing customers.

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How can Wehelp help you?

WeHelp will help you by providing the best information for your company. This way you will be able to make better decisions, adjusting what is necessary so that you have more promoter clients and less detractor clients for your company. Learn fast, fix fast, that's how Wehelp helps you improve continuously!

Companies that experience steady growth in NPS increase their profitability. The more loyal customers, the higher the revenue. The fewer detracting customers, the less churn. The more satisfied customers, the lower the cost of acquiring new customers...

How can Wehelp help you?

Solved by WeHelp Software

Way beyond the Note!

After a customer selects a note, they can tell you why the note is provided by providing valuable information. Go deeper by including the contact points and problems step in your search.

Reduce the churn of detractor customers.

Research shows that up to 40% of detractor customers will likely leave you within the next 90 days or even sooner. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you respond to them as quickly as possible. With WeHelp, you can address their concerns promptly and efficiently.

Use multiple channels to help grow your business.

With WeHelp, you can create custom surveys and send them out via email, SMS, website, landing pages, social media outlets, and other channels.

Generate detailed segmented reports.

When it comes to surveys, market segmentation matters. You can count on us to provide detailed information about your survey results and segment it by age, gender, shift, region, and county.

Receive real-time qualitative feedback.

Get to know how your customers feel about your product or service in real time. After all, how they feel today can significantly differ from how they feel in a few weeks.

Identify the most critical issues before it’s too late.

Since WeHelp is available for your entire team, everyone will be informed at all times. They’ll receive the info they need to take the right actions at the right times. Your company will take a proactive approach that prevents roadblocks in the future.

Here are some of the overly nice things our customers have to say about us.

Anderson Almeida
CEO - João Caitano Academia

"After receiving advice from We Help, our results were surprising. We grew our customer base, the average stay increased and, of course, the profit too. We will soon be using other products and services that they offer. We are very happy with this partnership and hope that it will continue for a long time."

Silvia Fiorese
COO - Cellep

"The partnership with WeHelp NPS® has been crucial to our decision making regarding what should be maintained and what needs to be improved from the perspective of our students and prospects. In addition, it has favored the strengthening of the Student-Cellep relationship, increasingly ensuring better management of your experience."

Alexandre Damiani
CEO - Recomendo USA

"We Help has allowed us to achieve surprising results in our business, applying real data consulting. In addition, it helped me measure the satisfaction of our guests at the Jornada Empreendedora event, setting the stage for the next event. I recommend."

Julia Michelin
COO - Bio Ritmo Academias

"We Help has been an important partner of Bio Ritmo in the constant understanding of our customer, analysis of our strengths and weaknesses in the customer experience journey, and consequent decision-making on behalf of the customer."

Wilson Silva
COO - Olimpia House

"We Help understood our needs and welcomed us at all stages of using the platform, becoming an important partner to improve our customers journey in our business."

Andre Passantino
CEO - Orange Soccer Academy

"We Help helped me to identify several points of improvement in our business, making our performance and results grow 50% in 3 months of consulting. Thanks We Help!."

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Besides not being alone, with WeHelp you'll be able to predict the growth of your business, reduce customer churn, save time and money ... The list of benefits is quite long.
No, we believe that the NPS is the best metric and can be used in all types of surveys, that's why we are the most complete solution in the market related to the NPS® survey

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